These questions never get answered


It’s one of those nice days. One of those nice days that gets you thinking about life and living and hopes and dreams and what not…you know, that whole ‘what does it all mean’ business. 

It’s irritating and exhausting.  It’s irritating to have to daydream about what my life’s path is and whether or not I’m following it accordingly.  Can’t I just drink my delicious latte, listen to some Pearl Jam and drive through the tree lined streets imagining myself writing best selling memoirs on a sunny porch?  Can’t I just do that? 

No.  Nah.  Nope.  Not in the cards for this girl.  I get in my own mind’s way most of the time.  I seem to get caught up in the reality of laundry and dog food and cooking dinner that is wholesome and effortless. 

I think back to that first assigned self portrait I had to create during my first year in at school.  A mess of tag board, watercolor, words to a shitty poem, and some other collaged bits.  I thought I knew myself then…until my teacher and classmates critiqued it.  Awful. Hideous. Meaningless.  Small town.  Juvenile.  What did I know about art??  What did I know about myself??

Maybe that’s the beauty of it.  Never really knowing?

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Woah.  Woahhh!!!! Just look at how close I was to the Pearl Jam stage! 

Ok…it doesn’t seem all that close…but it’s the closest I’ve ever been.  My other seats were way way way up in the nosebleed seats at Wrigley.  This was a vast improvement. 

I can’t quite put into words how unbelievably great the show was.  It was spectacular!  So spectacular that, amongst the crowd of phones recording and photographing, I only took 3 photos total.  Concerts are an experience that should be savored. 


From the start…from Pendulum to Mind Your Manners to Corduroy…from Baba with a special guest from Cheap Trick…It had the making of an unforgettable show. 

All of Yield.  ALL of YIELD!! 

Two encores, all the great songs that everyone wants to hear…Black, Alive, Yellow Led, nearly three and a half hours of non stop jams, cheeky and sweet anecdotes from Eddie, and we sang happy birthday to Tom Petty! I loved it all.  It was magical.  Magical music that turns fleeting moments into long lasting memories. 


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Pearl Jam tonight!



Holy smokes!  The day has finally arrived that Eddie Vedder and friends roll into my town, my turf, my favorite!!

I can barely wait.  I’ve been pacing around the house, cleaning, cooking, changing clothes and looking in the mirror over and over again.  I’ve turned into a little bit of a girl over this whole thing.  Normally, when girls have an exciting event, they go all ga-ga and obsess about what to wear.  And normally I find that more than mildly annoying.   Why is it that girls are always worried about what to wear?  Will I be whisked away backstage because of my new jeans or will Eddie do a shout out to me and my perfectly matched yet unmatched cardigan??

I think not.

But here I am, checking myself out in the mirror over and over like a stupid twenty-something single girl!.

At any rate, I anticipate an evening filled with great people, cocktails, laughter, mind blowing music, and *fingers crossed* several poor choices.  I really hope they play Immortality since I didn’t hear it at Wrigley last summer.  I hope that there’s no douchebags sitting in our section that thinking they are the epitome of the PJ Superfan and record the whole show on their giant iphone 6.  I also hope we’re not next to the annoying concert girls.  You know what I’m talking about.  They scream.  They sing loudly the whole time.  They get drunk and spill overpriced beer on you.

But hey, that’s what concerts are all about.  The music and the weirdo people that love it!  Cheers!


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Happy trails


Take that. I made my own trail mix, beeeotches!!  With everything that I like…especially the little chocolate covered sunflower seeds and roasted coconut flakes from Trader Joe’s.  I love that trading post…where I trade  money for yummy, mostly healthy treats.

Dang…I have a weakness for ‘healthy’ junk food.  I also have a weakness for junky junk food. It’s useless…just hand over the Oreos and no one gets hurt.

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Zombie bacon?


Is it made out of people?  That’s what zombies eat, right? People?? Brains??

Strawberry vanilla?  It looks kind of delicious though….like a sour patch kid.  Sour kid’s brains prepackaged for all your zombie needs.  Yum….

Progressive zombies of the future will protest against gmo zombie bacon and overly processed brains.  They will strive to only ingest organic human brains with the highest amount of omega-3’s.  They’ll be juicing us to ingest the maximum amount of micronutrients in our delicious flesh. 

Juicing us.  Morbid. 

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Move over Starbucks, Grumpy Cat is in town, here to de-grump your morning. 

Why is that cat so grumpy anyway?  He should be blissfully happy after indulging in his very own Grumpuccino. 

It’s too much….and it’s hilarious.

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Battle wound


I fought the potatoes…and the potatoes won.  This little burn wound is about a week old.  It looks much more tame than it did initially.

Why do they make the handles on big pots so small and awkward?  Why do I think that I’m stealth enough to get away unscathed?   And why is everything in the kitchen sharp or scalding hot or ice cream or butter?  It’s such a dangerous place to be. 

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