There are pineapples after all…


There absolutely are pineapples growing on this island.  Some blow hole steered me wrong.  See them growing from the ground?? Little delicious prickly things…

I always thought they grew on trees…like coconuts. 

Saturday we took a long drive around the island.  We started off from Waikiki, which is on the southern side, and we drove all along the east and north coasts.  We stopped at Kailua beach. Beautiful. We stopped at Haleiwa for an avocado burger.  Amazing. 

Everywhere you look is just so breathtaking.  Can’t even describe it in words here. 

Just get here and see it yourself.  Do it. 

But on the way back, we passed all these pineapple fields and coffee fields.  It was pretty cool.  We also passed the very pineapple tourist trap that I wanted to visit the other day.  We didn’t stop. 

I figured seeing actual pineapples growing from the earth was good enough for me…even if their future lies in a taste-sucking aluminum can.  Shame. 

9 thoughts on “There are pineapples after all…

  1. I just got a pineapple from the store today~ I must be subconsciously wishing I was in Hawaii with you!
    What was on the avocado burger?

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