Hair is art. Art is hair.



I’m an artist.  I’m a hairdresser.  I’m proud of it.

After himming and hawing back and forth for my so-far 10 year career, I can say confidently that artist and hairdresser are one and the same.

There was a time that I thought one was better than the other….or that one meant something different.  I thought that one was ok to do for a while.  Maybe it’s because I learned more about ‘art’ and ‘artists’ first or maybe because of the stereotypes that sometimes ring true.  Artists are deep, pensive, and thought provoking, right?  Hairstylists are blonde, dramatic, and self-absorbed, right??  Are these true anymore?  Absolutely not.

I’ve never really talked about my job on my blog…or rather, my career.  I suppose I’ve only written about art and ideas and inspiration for creative projects.  I never quite wanted to overlap what I do with who I am.  See…the funny thing about being a hair dresser, beautician, hair designer, cosmetologist, barber, service provider, wonder woman…is that, for me, it is more artistic and creative than sitting alone with a painting…THAT is what makes it so difficult and painful at times.  It is a constant collaboration with the public and it is intense and extremely gratifying.

I take care of people while I’m on the clock.  I am a care-taker.  It doesn’t end when I clock out, however.

With the evolution of my place in this industry, I want to strive for more artistic insanity.  I want to make beautiful, terrible, simple, extravagant, frightening images.  I want people to say ‘what the fuck?‘ or ‘that’s pretty funny.’  I’m at a point in my career where I’m ready for change and challenge.

I thought I needed to completely change careers.  Certain events have proven that it isn’t time for that to happen.  I think what I really want is to explore all the education that I can and absorb the amazingness of this industry.  I’m at a place where I can do that.  I work for a wonderfully supportive salon.

I can put bread on a girl’s head and it’s hairdressing and it’s art.   Boom, mothafuckas.


I am obsessed with giggling.  I adore all things relating to humor and light-heartedness. 

I find many people to be cranky for no good reason. 

I have been one of those people as well.  There was a time that I let ‘the man’ get me down.  I let it get to me so badly.  And yet I tried to use that anger and resentment toward laughter. 

It turned out my humor became quite cynical and sarcastic.  It was appropriate for the right crowd….wink wink.  Not for all.  I was deemed ‘a downer.’ 

Me? A downer? Fuck that! 

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been trying to reclaim my light-hearted witty giggles.  I suppose that might be why I paused my blog for a spell. 

It’s back.  I’m back.  Like a bitch slap to the face. 

And again, I find shit funny.  Regular, mundane shit.  Like the term ‘bitch slap.’ 

Let’s make a list of all the things that make us giggle. 

1. The shortened version of douche-bag: D bag.
2. Imagining people slipping on ice
3.  Nuts
4.  Any quote from the movie Wayne’s World.
5.  Conan
6.  Poorly drawn penises

Your turn.