what to do while traveling

Sleep.  That is the obvious answer.  It’s hard to sleep for 12 hours though…well, comfortably anyway.

Read.  Yes.  For a while.  I feel like when I’m flying, my eyes start to cross and I get a little nauseated if I try to read something intense.  Especially a new book that smells like a new book.  I tend to lean towards more humorous tales (um, really, Kate?).  Perhaps I can find that new David Sedaris book…or Chelsea Handler.  I love some good ol inappropriateness as well.

Listen to music.  I’ve got the ipod all charged and re-stocked with some tunes I haven’t listened to in a while but love.  Also, some Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.  I’m not vacationing from my faves.

Paint my nails?  I could really use a pedicure since I’ll be in sandal weather.  How hilarious would it be if I was sawing away at my callouses and fuming up the whole plane with polish?  Asking the flight attendant for some hot towels to soften my cuticles.  We’d all feel a little better about flying with a little contact buzz.

Paint on paper?  I could stash a little watercolor set in my purse.  It’s a big purse.  It’s more like a backpack.  That’s why women are so fortunate on airplanes.  We can actually have like 2 carry-ons.  One that looks like a carry on, and one that looks like a purse…but you can pull out lamps and umbrellas and mini-refrigerators like Mary Poppins.

Apply self tanner?

Start a sing-a-long?

Gorge myself on trail mix and hope that I never have to use the airplane lavatory?  I hate that little stinky box.

Yoga?  I did talk to a woman who said she would do stretches in the aisle on long flights overseas.  And you thought I was crazy.  I like to keep my muscles stiff and mushy.



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