Cut the cheese


Have I ever mentioned that I have created balsamic monsters?  I don’t recall when…but I introduced my little lovelies to Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette.  It’s my favorite.  It has also become a favorite of the small people in the house. 

They like anything dipped in balsamic.  Seriously.  Chicken? Obviously.  Pea pods? Absolutely.  Red peppers? You know it. 

Tonight…their new favorite became feta cheese soaked in balsamic.  They’re 7 and 4.  I don’t remember liking feta cheese until like 4 years ago.  These kids are strange. 

I wonder if they love that chalky feeling you get on your teeth when you have too much balsamic…or too much feta.  Yeah.  Mixed together?

Their poor enamel!!

Shit.  They’ll be traumatized by the dentist.  But they eat vegetables.  Motherhood problems. 

And they do actually cut the cheese often.  But we think farting is funny…so that’s ok. 

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