Good morning Pearl


What a beautiful Hawaiian morning here at Pearl Harbor. I’ve been awake since just after 5 am here…which would be about 9 am at home in the Midwest.

Word on the street is that winter storm Nemo is headed their way….dropping some unwelcome slushy icy snow.  Such a shame that I will miss it.  Seriously, bummer.

Not quite as much of a bummer as breathing in someone’s rancid breath on a 6 and 1/2 hour airplane ride.  Or as much of a bummer as being told by a middle aged, overweight woman in orange that I had a tag in the armpit of my jacket.


I bought this awesome blue leather jacket a few months ago on sale.  Because of the weather at home, I was saving it for spring or for a cute night out.  Or Hawaii! Perfect! 

The tag was dangling from the armpit.  I could’ve sworn that I never removed it and searched the thing for evidence of purchase…but when you’re looking at things at 4 am on 3 hours of sleep, I suppose you miss things. 

I made it through check in, security, flight #1, walking through the Chicago airport, buying yogurt and a smoothie, and boarding flight #2 before my orange clad savior poked me on the arm and pointed out my fashion don’t. 

I told her that it was hilariously embarrassing.  I forgot to tell my husband after he picked me up because I was too excited and starving for fresh air.. but now I share my  embarrassment with cyberspace. 

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