No pineapples?


It seems near impossible to take a bad photo here.  Everywhere you look there’s sunshine, rainbows, green, blue, and calm. 

This morning I adventured solo to the southeast side of Oahu.  I was going to head up to the Dole pineapple plant, but a guy we met while having beers said there’s no pineapples!  There’s a tour and a maze and a gift shop….but no actual pineapples to see and taste.  Lame.

Thank goodness for honest locals. 

Instead I decided to try to see some whales.  There was talk of a lighthouse and a blow hole and hiking …and all these sounded much better and a little less touristy than going to a pineapple-less pineapple plantation.  

But…I am a tourist…and am driving a flashy black convertible.  Only $10 more, said my flashy, sailor husband. 
Fuck yes. 

I left early.  6 am.  Apparently whales are more active in the morning and I had to drive for about 45 minutes, past Waikiki and past Diamondhead crater.  Plus I got to see another spectacular sunrise. 


I may have spotted whales way off in the ocean.  I found the blow hole…and the lighthouse. 



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