How lucky will I be to eat these pancakes?  Pineapple and coconut?? It’s too good to be true.  I just love Hawaii.  It’s sad.

I try to think up money making schemes so we can afford to move there and grow pineapples and mangoes in the yard. But aside from ticket scalping…I got nothing. 

Until then.  I shall pay exorbitant amounts of extra shipping to have kona coffee and hula girl pancake mix sent to my door.  And the very moment it is warm enough, I will wear the shit out of my flowery dress. 
It must be sickening to be around me though.  I’m simply still infatuated with the islands.  Just a pale, freckly Midwestern gal trying not to make everyone too jealous about my piddly week long trip.

I can’t surf though.  I can’t even swim that well.  Especially after eating all these delicious pancakes.  I’ll float like a buoy.

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