Brain Drain

Welcome to the Brain of Kate.  I, as you may have already guessed, am Kate.

Along our journey together, you will enjoy a number of themes that I am drawn to in my brain.  My brain is unlike anyone else’s on the planet…different than anyone that has ever lived in the past, and different than anyone that will ever live in the future.  Guess what?  Your brain is also that unique!  I’ve been drawn to how interesting and funny people can be even if they are hauntingly similar (haunting like the similarities between my mother and I, and my daughters and I- yikes).

I am severely obsessed with ideas, thoughts, ramblings, small things, order as well as chaos (really, I am), art and all things creative and cool, kids, food and learning how to cook well,  laughing, science, reading and writing, and having a conscience.  I love to make strange connections, but find it hard to explain how and why I made them.  I suppose this is the platform for me to explore this strange mass of nerve tissue that I call my brain.  I break off on tangents…a lot.  So, be prepared for that.  There is a part of my brain that wants to strangle the other side.  My organized, rational side craves order and direction, while the creative, chaotic side of my brain leads me to odd stories and ideas that may or may not relate with the topic at hand…just wait, you’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Brain Drain

  1. OMG!! I am a bad friend because this is my first entry in the online part of the brain of kate. But i know i have made thousands, maybe milions of entries in the real brain of kate!! My sweet friend I needed this!! I have been out of my body and out of my mind!! I like yours so much better!!! I love you Katie Kent!! You heal me in ways you may never understand!! the Brain of kate is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! this is so you!!
    Thanks for the good times!!

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