the inevitable

Well…it happened.  The inevitable happened.  I got sick.  I blame the sick breath of my husband, but truthfully, there could be many others to blame.  The children, co-workers, clients, strangers, the weather.

It was shitty.  It was.  I tried so hard to prevent it also.  Vitamin C, zinc…the whole nine yards.  Inevitable.  It all began with a sore throat last Saturday that developed into an annoying cough, which then developed into sinus snottiness.  Disgusting.  So, needless to say, I’ve been crabby.  Seriously crabby.  And I have a job where it is difficult to embrace your crabbiness and go about your day…I can’t be crabby at work.  I really can’t be sick at work either.  It’s revolting to me.

So for days I had to pretend that I was ok.  I was crabby.  Blah blah blah details blah blah.

At any rate….I’m feeling mostly better.  I still have ooze coming out of my nose and chunky coughs here and there (sick, I know).  Yesterday I had the day off and opened all the windows in the house and cleaned the shit out of everything.  32 degrees or not…the spring cleaning had to happen.  Everything seems much less disgusting and germ covered.  I’ll give it 3 days.

I apologize that this blog post for today is not quite that exciting, but given the crabbiness I’ve been feeling, there is nothing silly or funny happening in my brain.  Just annoyance and crabbiness.  The Kate of 2013 seems to have taken a break.  My fuck it mentality didn’t work this time…and that makes me even a little more crabby but also makes me want to say fuck it even more and even louder!!!

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