You may not know the importance of the outfit I am wearing today…I didn’t connect the dots until moments after I heard the news. 

Turns out…my ultimate band, Pearl Jam, announced additional dates to their fall tour.  Um, guess who’s city is on the list???

Um, yeah, obviously…this girl’s. 


My town, my backyard, my turf, my people…my favorite songs played in my favorite city…for me (and only me)!

Surely I know someone who knows someone who can get me backstage?? Surely I can bribe someone’s brother’s cousin to let me into the sanctuary that is the backstage?? Or sound check?? I would be ok sitting on the sidelines for sound check. 

Or….secretly cheersing some bottles of beer together at one of the city’s best dive bars.  With the whole band and crew and even all the wives and shit too.  Yeah, I would be ok with that. 

The outfit.  Strangely enough, I am wearing the same outfit that I wore to my very first Pearl Jam show in Chicago at Wrigley last summer.  And there I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed…which I mostly despise…and there it was.  Music for me!!

When you choose clothes, the universe knows…and it makes things happen that mean something…and if you pay attention, you find these strange connections all over the place.

I am hoping there is some connection that leads my hand to shake Eddie’s….eh, who am I kidding, I need a hug. I deserve a hug!!!!


Addicted to those jams!


I was there. 

Now I need to see them again. They are touring….nowhere near.  Perhaps they will extend.  They must.  Eddie!!!!!

I need to try to get closer. I need to work my way to the front. I need to get Eddie sweat on my face!! 

It will happen. 



I made it to see Pearl Jam in Chicago on July 19th. If you’ve been following my blog, you know how epic this was for me to do. I’ve been wanting to see Pearl Jam live since I was 12.

This is probably the best photo I have from the most expensive nose bleed seats in Wrigley (which was over half paid for by my stellar co-workers!!).

Despite a two hour rain delay 7 songs in, and a two hour train delay on the way home, I loved it!!!

They played so many of my personal faves…Release, Nothingman, Small Town, Corduroy, Evolution, Faithfull, Even Flow, Setting Forth (from the into the wild soundtrack), and State of Love and Trust.

It. Was. Amazing.