Isn’t it fun to learn new words?

I bought a word-a-day calendar for my husband so we could giggle about silly words that we’ve never heard but hope to use to sound smart.

This one is probably my favorite.  I feel like I could call every thing in my house a gimcrack.  Really.  Everything could potentially be a gimcrack.  Maybe even the house itself is a gimcrack.  Something showy, but with little value.  Say it a bunch of times: gimcrack gimcrack gimcrack gimcrack gimmycrackcorn…and I don’t care.

Maybe that’s what the line of the song means?  Gimmycrack corn and I don’t care??  Meaning he doesn’t care about these showy valueless items?  Showy corn???  Like corn in a beauty pageant, all showy and shit??  Like that talentless honey boo boo (no, I will not capitalize her name)?  Come to think of it…that is the only line of the song that I can recall at this moment.  I keep trying to figure out another line and all I keep singing in my head is gimmy crack corn and I don’t care.  I feel like there is a line about rain on the back of my neck and the mail always coming on time?

In honor of gimcrack…please try to use the word today, and everyday, until it is a staple in your everyday vocabulary.  Hopefully I can bring you more titillating words to tickle your fancy.  Hopefully they’re not boring ones that I’ve come across lately like multifarious or mnemonic.  Come one, bring me some good ol gimcrack words!!