I’ve been productive.  It feels great.  The dog is loving watching me be productive. 

I’ve painted nearly the whole house in the past two weeks.  All but two rooms…and the bathroom.  But one of the rooms was done in December, so…it’s close. 

Perhaps it’s because I’m not looking at that dang facebook…but then again, I painted most everything before I quit it.  Maybe all the painting inspired me to quit it??? Maybe once a person becomes productive they no longer care what other people are doing or eating?  I think I’m onto something…

I’m happy to cover up this yellow with a nice light blue-gray.  The yellow did it’s time and I appreciate it. 

Next week I move outside and dig in the dirt and research into an interesting and thing called mudjacking.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it??  Ah, the wonders of home ownership!



My tricky dicky ‘smart phone’ tricked me into a system upgrade. 

No, I don’t want to optimize my applications.  I don’t need my angry birds to be angrier.  I don’t want my clock to get all fucked up.  I just want it to stay the same.  To plateau. 

The thing about this is the update icon pops up every single time I look at my phone.  I have to deny the update. 

I denied all day.  Finally it happened. 
My fucking fat finger pressed the update icon instead of the update later icon. 


Nothing seems very optimized to me.  Not such a smart phone as it is a little conniving backstabbing whore.