Why so frustrated, cowboy?



Just what in the world could make a cowboy so frustrated?

A snake in his boot?

The wind blew his hat away?

Someone swiped all his sarsaparilla (sass-par-ill-uh)?

Maybe he hasn’t made it up to Brokeback Mountain in a while?





Just look at this brown eyed beauty.  Her pupils are actually not zombie white.  Her breath smells like crunchy cheetos.  Not the puffs…those smell completely different.  Only cheeto aficionados know the difference.  Is it sad that I know??

Or is it just my superior sense of smell?  Women have a better sense of smell than men, I’ve heard. 

My husband admitted to cheating on a smell test in high school.  He said he could see through the blindfold.  I think they were testing the man vs. woman smell superiority and he was slightly annoyed that women were superior.  Cheater. 

He also finally admitted to me and to himself that he doesn’t really like broccoli.  He’s choked it down for years.  Steamed, deep fried, in soups, stews, with cheese, without cheese…enough is enough, I suppose. 

I love it.  And cheetos.  And smelling.