Skate skat


I mean, when’s the last time you went rollerskating?  We went Sunday.  Rollerskating rinks are really pretty funny.

There’s tiny kids that fly around the rink like they were born on skates…weaving in and out of all the slow people.  And then there’s their parents slipping and skidding around…holding onto the railing on the outside.

I started holding the rail.  It takes maybe one lap around…and then it all comes back.  Like riding a bike.


But for $5…who wouldn’t roll out on a Sunday afternoon and skate hand in hand to some jams?



Spirits lifted


Because of the crabby nature of nearly the whole month of March, I have royally fucked up my year of ‘fuck it.’  March is nearing the end, and hopefully we will be lucky enough to have some sunshine and a little warmth.  I need some natural Vitamin D stat!

Here are a number of things that I have been focusing on to lift my spirits as of late:

*This dog.  What a great heating blanket she makes.

*An email from a bestie entitled ‘To cheer you,’ containing obscure rants from an evening we spent together in 2010.  Literary snacks included in this email:

Scat on the flute—-> spoken beat poetry

You can be the girl singer, I’ll be the dude

Roll tumbleweed roll, roll across my heart

*Lovely #1 turning 8 whole years old.

*Lovely #1 wanting to rollerskate for her birthday party

*Rollerskating myself.  Only fell down one time…and then it was just like being 7 myself, rollerskating in the basement listening to MJ’s Bad album.

*Lovely #1 starting junior roller derby in 2 weeks.  Kick ass little lovely!!

*Eddie Vedder….obviously.

*This band a friend of mine took me to…not quite post sickness, to cheer me…called Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.  It was just what I needed.  A little bluegrassy and fun…and we got to meet them after because there were maybe 40 people in the whole place.  Check them out if you like.

*Justin Timberlake.  I admit it’s not quite my style, however I’ve had a special place in my musical heart ever since Justified and that catchy song Cry Me a River.  I went last Thursday to get the new 20/20 cd.  Sold out.  I went for wrapping paper Saturday and it was there.  Score.  Then I almost lost it in my car cd player.  Many crabbies would’ve happened.

*fried chicken.  Ultimate comfort.

*Faking it.  Fake it until you make it.  Chances are…before you know it, you’re crabbiness will have faded and that fake smile will have turned into a semi-real one.

*some strange tv show called American Ninja Warrior.  These super humans compete through insane obstacle courses…I think, if these people can do this, I can at least overcome a little crabbiness.