I had a grade school teacher that would say ‘good posture is the key to good behavior.’

I always thought it was an evil trick to get us to stop slumping in our chairs and pay attention…. Because although this quiet contemplating pup, while having impeccable posture, is not the most well behaved piece of fur in the pack. 

She’s statuesque, yes. 

Just give her a minute and she’ll be up on the window trying to get that asshole squirrel, pulling down curtains and drooling all over the furniture. 

Isn’t she lovely?

Dane looks like a lady


Imagine Aerosmith singing their classic, Dude Looks Like a Lady. 

Now check out the picture of my silly dog again. 

She actually is a lady…yes, a bitch.  Tee hee!

And she has excellent posture and sits like a lady.  Even her legs are crossed.  I’ll be making paintings of her next.