start her up


Check out my dirty windshield.

It’s a good thing I was on my way to get a new car….

I was out of washer fluid.  I would’ve made it clean and clear if it weren’t for the spattering combination of salt, slush, and dirt from behind a few 18 wheelers.  Winter driving really does nothing for visibility.

But I got a new car!  It’s nice.  It was time to give the old one back because the lease was expiring, so I got to pick out a new one.  The winter laughs at me…because I got a black one.  By tomorrow, it will look gray.  It was destiny, though.  As I turned the key and started her up, the radio kicked on and I heard him.  I heard my Eddie singing to me. I turned it up to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from all the waiting room coffee.  It was Eddie Vedder singing Dissident for me.


Lovely #2 also informed me of her first loose tooth today.  I nearly gave away the whole tooth fairy gig.  I mentioned that I might have some of Lovely #1’s old teeth.

What??  Wait….how do you have my teeth?

Well…I wanted to keep at least one for myself.  I’m your mom!  I snuck it and left a note for the tooth fairy saying that I wanted to keep one.  I didn’t want her to have them all.

Suspicious…very suspicious.

Uh…..Hey, check out the cool new car….

Thursday faves


Today’s list of favorites…

Kicking the crusty, gray, snow crusts from behind the tires on my car.

Crushing 2 candy canes and topping my one, lonely scoop of candy cane ice cream with them.

Waking up in a new, huge, comfortable bed feeling rested!

Warmed up cars.

Test driving a fancy car feeling like a fancy rich person.

Laughing at the car reading my text messages to me and pronouncing 🙂 as ‘happy smiley.’

Buying the lovelies the cutest, coziest bathrobes for Christmas.

Picking out wrapping paper with steaming mugs of hot cocoa on it!

Pretending that I picked every single person’s name at work for Secret Santa.