Do you ever wake up with the strangest song in your head?

Today, I awoke to the rap stylings of Salt N Peppa.  I suppose I should clarify…I didn’t hear the song this morning, or last night.  I haven’t heard this song in probably years, actually.  It was just playing away in my brain, on repeat.

None of your Business.

It’s a catchy tune.  Basically, after every line, they say it’s none of your business…and that is what I woke up with today.  I’ll take it.  Sometimes I will wake up with a terribly annoying song stuck in there that the kids like to play over and over and over….picture that Frozen song or worst case scenario.  Sometimes it’s an old school classic that my parents used to play all the time, like Van Morrisson or James Taylor.  If I’m lucky it’s a ridiculous song that makes me giggle to myself…things like DMX or Mysitkal come to mind.  Oh yeah.

Last week I had a beauty!  One of my wake-up song favorites of all time!  The song Kokomo by the Beach Boys.  Hell yes!

I then proceeded to sing it for days and get it stuck in everyone else’s head as well.  Because it’s catchy…and nostalgic.  I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade when Kokomo hit the airwaves.  When it’s 7 degrees outside, it’s kind of nice to sing about the tropical land of Kokomo…off the Florida Keys.  There’s a place called Kokomo.

We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow-wo, that’s where we wanna go-o-o, way down to Koko-0-mo.

And then the saxophone solo kicks in and you’re dreaming about that tropical contact high.

**you are totally singing Kokomo in your own head right now, and you will all day, and then you’ll say to someone: Hey, remember that song Kokomo?  It’s totally stuck in my head right now, isn’t that weird/great/awful/amazing??




Woah.  Woahhh!!!! Just look at how close I was to the Pearl Jam stage! 

Ok…it doesn’t seem all that close…but it’s the closest I’ve ever been.  My other seats were way way way up in the nosebleed seats at Wrigley.  This was a vast improvement. 

I can’t quite put into words how unbelievably great the show was.  It was spectacular!  So spectacular that, amongst the crowd of phones recording and photographing, I only took 3 photos total.  Concerts are an experience that should be savored. 


From the start…from Pendulum to Mind Your Manners to Corduroy…from Baba with a special guest from Cheap Trick…It had the making of an unforgettable show. 

All of Yield.  ALL of YIELD!! 

Two encores, all the great songs that everyone wants to hear…Black, Alive, Yellow Led, nearly three and a half hours of non stop jams, cheeky and sweet anecdotes from Eddie, and we sang happy birthday to Tom Petty! I loved it all.  It was magical.  Magical music that turns fleeting moments into long lasting memories. 

A grab bag, if you will…


I bought ombre curtains…

I was torn between these and some blue striped nubbly ones.  The deciding factor was there were only 3 of the striped ones and I didn’t really want to ask anyone working if there was another one in the back.  Basically I didn’t want to talk to anyone. 

While strolling the aisles, the employees were busy stocking and what not.  They were all so happy!  Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic. One group by the outdoor furniture was talking about how much they love Rick Moranis.

Um, hell yes!  Ghostbusters? Honey, I shrunk the kids?  Spaceballs?? Strange Brew?  Yes.

I smiled.

I saw so many people that were so happy to see each other at work.  It was impressive.  Sometimes it feels like people hate being at work and there’s this awful energy…but not at this Target today.  And it’s raining and cold today. 

I also just discovered this great Pandora station titled 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s hits.  From Foxy Lady to Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch?  Yes, I’ll take it. 

And I was able to make a father’s day card decision from the wall of cards.  I went for simple and classic…nothing gushy…don’t forget about your dads this weekend, people!!

Watch a classic Rick Moranis movie with your dad and admire your new curtains and freshly painted walls…just do it.

what to do while traveling

Sleep.  That is the obvious answer.  It’s hard to sleep for 12 hours though…well, comfortably anyway.

Read.  Yes.  For a while.  I feel like when I’m flying, my eyes start to cross and I get a little nauseated if I try to read something intense.  Especially a new book that smells like a new book.  I tend to lean towards more humorous tales (um, really, Kate?).  Perhaps I can find that new David Sedaris book…or Chelsea Handler.  I love some good ol inappropriateness as well.

Listen to music.  I’ve got the ipod all charged and re-stocked with some tunes I haven’t listened to in a while but love.  Also, some Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.  I’m not vacationing from my faves.

Paint my nails?  I could really use a pedicure since I’ll be in sandal weather.  How hilarious would it be if I was sawing away at my callouses and fuming up the whole plane with polish?  Asking the flight attendant for some hot towels to soften my cuticles.  We’d all feel a little better about flying with a little contact buzz.

Paint on paper?  I could stash a little watercolor set in my purse.  It’s a big purse.  It’s more like a backpack.  That’s why women are so fortunate on airplanes.  We can actually have like 2 carry-ons.  One that looks like a carry on, and one that looks like a purse…but you can pull out lamps and umbrellas and mini-refrigerators like Mary Poppins.

Apply self tanner?

Start a sing-a-long?

Gorge myself on trail mix and hope that I never have to use the airplane lavatory?  I hate that little stinky box.

Yoga?  I did talk to a woman who said she would do stretches in the aisle on long flights overseas.  And you thought I was crazy.  I like to keep my muscles stiff and mushy.



Pants pissing party

So those of you that know me well, know that I am re-obsessed with Pearl Jam and most things 90’s grunge era.  Yes.  It’s true.

So then you will be just as piss-your-pants-excited as I am that Pearl Jam is going to be doing a show in Chicago this July.  Um…yes.  Just pissed my pants.  How about you?  Thanks…I appreciate you pissing in your pants for me.  It’s exciting, I know.

I’ve wanted to see Pearl Jam live since I was in 7th grade.  I remember telling this girl in Earth Science class how much I liked them.  I also remember we decided that we would be able to go see a live concert when we were 16.  She would later become the rumored slut of our class because she had developed early.  I suppose big boobs makes boys think you have sex.  But the rumor turned out to be true. We did not see any concerts.

I also remember this high school kid would wear a Pearl Jam shirt and I thought he was just the coolest thing in the world.  He wasn’t really attractive, but just cool.  So cool.

And times changed a little.  I went to college and got interested in new music that was cooler at the time, and then some hip hop, and then who knows what.  Then I became a mother and lost touch with all reality.  Finally, I can think again.  I have a little sliver of time for myself again.  And I rediscovered my love of music. My love of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana and Alice in Chains and Live.  Yeah.  What of it?

So now I finally have that chance to see these bands live.  Soundgarden is back together.  Pearl Jam hasn’t announced their next tour (fingers crossed) yet, but they have announced this show.  This evening with Pearl Jam.  I am beyond pumped.  I am also prepared to spend a good chunk of cash that I don’t really have for this experience.  That’s what credit cards are for.

And I love glitter and Doc Martens.  Boom.