Do you ever wake up with the strangest song in your head?

Today, I awoke to the rap stylings of Salt N Peppa.  I suppose I should clarify…I didn’t hear the song this morning, or last night.  I haven’t heard this song in probably years, actually.  It was just playing away in my brain, on repeat.

None of your Business.

It’s a catchy tune.  Basically, after every line, they say it’s none of your business…and that is what I woke up with today.  I’ll take it.  Sometimes I will wake up with a terribly annoying song stuck in there that the kids like to play over and over and over….picture that Frozen song or worst case scenario.  Sometimes it’s an old school classic that my parents used to play all the time, like Van Morrisson or James Taylor.  If I’m lucky it’s a ridiculous song that makes me giggle to myself…things like DMX or Mysitkal come to mind.  Oh yeah.

Last week I had a beauty!  One of my wake-up song favorites of all time!  The song Kokomo by the Beach Boys.  Hell yes!

I then proceeded to sing it for days and get it stuck in everyone else’s head as well.  Because it’s catchy…and nostalgic.  I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade when Kokomo hit the airwaves.  When it’s 7 degrees outside, it’s kind of nice to sing about the tropical land of Kokomo…off the Florida Keys.  There’s a place called Kokomo.

We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow-wo, that’s where we wanna go-o-o, way down to Koko-0-mo.

And then the saxophone solo kicks in and you’re dreaming about that tropical contact high.

**you are totally singing Kokomo in your own head right now, and you will all day, and then you’ll say to someone: Hey, remember that song Kokomo?  It’s totally stuck in my head right now, isn’t that weird/great/awful/amazing??



These birds…they’re pretty pissed I’m sitting in their front yard, enjoying the morning sun. 

They’re tweeting to all their bird friend followers:

If this bitch doesn’t get off my lawn, I’m shitting in her teeth.

I’m gonna peck the eyeballs out of her spying face.

Fml, the annoying neighbor lady is back to chat.