People like to say that they could’ve made this piece of art.  They could’ve.  But they didn’t.

People like to say they hate it because it’s minimal and takes very little talent to paint a whole canvas a solid primary color.

People like to be critical.

People like to think they know everything about art.

Guess who loved this piece?  This 6 year old lovely.  Yes.  Art doesn’t have to be complex and inventive to be great.  It can be whatever it wants.  People will still run through the museum to get to it after looking at sterile still lives and portraits.  This 6 year old ran because it’s familiar and comforting and she can relate to it even though she doesn’t know the deep seeded meaning behind it.  People will still stretch their arms out and say, ‘This one is my favorite!’ just like she did.

Word to your mother.



I did it. I deleted my fucking Facebook account.  Like, not deactivated, but totally deleted.

I feel free. Free from all the politics and whining and pictures of dinners and invites to events I’ll never go to…free from scrolling through bullshit and being fully aware that it’s all bullshit…free to use my time more wisely!

Well…it’ll be officially deleted after 14 days per the Facebook powers that be.  It’s weird how everyone nowadays corresponds through Facebook and they’re baffled that I’m over it.  Like people genuinely think they’ll never talk to me again. 
I’m not too concerned that I’m losing something substantial.  The people that want to find me will find me…and we’ll have a grand time!  The people that don’t, won’t even notice I’m gone.