Happy thoughts


It’s interesting to see just how much we humans agonize over happiness.  Isn’t it?  We research it, we read about it, we make lists about it, we dream, goal-set, prioritize, flip-flop, argue about it, we buy colorful magazines that talk about it, we buy a lot of things for it actually, we blame, we start to loathe it sometimes, and then…sometimes, all of a sudden, it’s here!

Strange.  How a few days in the sunshine and a little break from the normal routine can re-spark that zest for life.  Puts it all in perspective…that life is short and every day is a step towards something better and greater.  I find that it helps me to make lists of things…

…so here’s my list of things that are currently filling me up:

*Cadbury chocolate Mini-Eggs…they come out for Easter time and they are  my favorite.

*A new clever book called One More Thing: Stories and other Stories by BJ Novak.  It’s a collection of short stories written with wit and humor…my favorite!  He was a writer for The Office and he wrote the children’s book, The Book with No Words.

*My good friend is having a baby at any moment!  Her due date is today!  I remember those last days of waiting were so strange and interesting and excruciating…but the wait is so worth it.  Good Luck to her!!

*Um…sunshine!  It’s 40 degrees here in the chilly Midwest.  That, my friends, is a heat wave.  I like to think I brought it back with me.  I’ll take credit where credit is due.

*Yellow tulips

*FlexJobs.com…which I haven’t officially signed up for because I have to pay a monthly fee, but basically you can find freelance/telecommuting jobs with legit companies.  Not scam companies.  I can tell you more as I find out, but why not write some blog posts for someone part-time and get paid?  Right?  Write?  Right?

*Coffee delivered to me by my husband while I type…yessssssssss

*Another book that I ordered that will arrive on Tuesday.  It’s called Do Cool Shit (Quit your day job, Start your own business, and Live happily ever after).  Pretty sweet eh?  By Miki Agrawal.  Not saying I’m ready to start my own business but I just really like books that break down overwhelming, larger than life events with witty, down to earth writing.  Yup.

*New work digs!  My job moved locations last week and we start in a new, fresh space tomorrow!  It’s so strange but also super great.  It’s great that we are growing and able to expand a little.  Yay!

*The sketch comedy class that I’m taking online through The Second City.  Let’s get weird, people.

What’s making you guys happy lately?

Three cheers for the geeks!!!


Oh yeah. 

Geeks.  Isn’t everyone a geek?  About something or another?  Yes. 

Check out my friend’s page, big sexy geek, where she shares her personal story of geekery and talks about being proud of who you are, inside and out.  Woot woot!!  She’s new to blogging too, so show her some love!

Who out there is a blogging geek?  I might look around the room to assess the situation…and then slowly and timidly raise my hand, reluctantly…finding that I would be the only one with a hand up.  Shit.

Am I?  Well…I do have a blog.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it any longer.  I can’t say that I stay up all night reading other blogs either. 

I am a geek though.  Here’s what I like to geek out about:


Writing…not necessarily blogging.  There’s things I just can’t share with you, imaginary internet people.



Pearl Jam (duh)

Simplifying my life of material things…trying to…but I do love the things I have!

Striving to be healthy and fit

Home improvement projects

Trying to be a good and fun mom…you see, it’s hard to teach the life lessons while also being fun.  It is.

A grab bag, if you will…


I bought ombre curtains…

I was torn between these and some blue striped nubbly ones.  The deciding factor was there were only 3 of the striped ones and I didn’t really want to ask anyone working if there was another one in the back.  Basically I didn’t want to talk to anyone. 

While strolling the aisles, the employees were busy stocking and what not.  They were all so happy!  Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic. One group by the outdoor furniture was talking about how much they love Rick Moranis.

Um, hell yes!  Ghostbusters? Honey, I shrunk the kids?  Spaceballs?? Strange Brew?  Yes.

I smiled.

I saw so many people that were so happy to see each other at work.  It was impressive.  Sometimes it feels like people hate being at work and there’s this awful energy…but not at this Target today.  And it’s raining and cold today. 

I also just discovered this great Pandora station titled 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s hits.  From Foxy Lady to Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch?  Yes, I’ll take it. 

And I was able to make a father’s day card decision from the wall of cards.  I went for simple and classic…nothing gushy…don’t forget about your dads this weekend, people!!

Watch a classic Rick Moranis movie with your dad and admire your new curtains and freshly painted walls…just do it.

On love…

Oh love. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all figured out and other times it bitch slaps me across the face. Valentine’s day….it doesn’t really make me love anything or anyone any more. It’s just cute and kitschy, really. But I do love a good heart shaped pizza. And I do love a big piece of ice cream cake…man, that fudge layer and chocolate crunchy things are to die for. I also love being in my geriatric bed at 9 pm watching whatever romantic comedy they decide to play on fx or usa. I love the people that hate Valentine’s day too…like it’s out to get them. It can’t really hurt you unless you give it a knife to stab in your heart…. I love the day after Valentine’s day…because things go back to normal and all the cute Valentine’s day garb at target goes on sale. Hell yeah I want those cute ass plates for 70% off!

Thursday faves


Today’s list of favorites…

Kicking the crusty, gray, snow crusts from behind the tires on my car.

Crushing 2 candy canes and topping my one, lonely scoop of candy cane ice cream with them.

Waking up in a new, huge, comfortable bed feeling rested!

Warmed up cars.

Test driving a fancy car feeling like a fancy rich person.

Laughing at the car reading my text messages to me and pronouncing 🙂 as ‘happy smiley.’

Buying the lovelies the cutest, coziest bathrobes for Christmas.

Picking out wrapping paper with steaming mugs of hot cocoa on it!

Pretending that I picked every single person’s name at work for Secret Santa.


I’m losing my hair…and my mind.

It’s snowing beautiful little flakes right now…and I’d really like to stay in this blanket I’m in and watch it all day, like a cat.  

I’m ready for colorful lights on trees and porches and windows.  I’m ready for festive. 

Instead of exercising right now, like I usually do this time of the morning, I’m watching the snow.

If I had personal days to use, I would use one today and order pizza and Chinese and I would find someone to deliver ice cream too. It must exist.

My dog is comparable to a heating blanket.

I’m looking forward to 2013 being over but I’m not looking forward to starting a new year.  So much pressure.

I would absolutely eat French toast and bacon if it were in front of me right now.

The fact that I quit drinking coffee months ago will now truly be tested with the cold and the darkness and the lack of motivation that winter always brings.

Snow is pretty.

My skin is itchy.

My husband could learn a lot about me if he read this blog that I write on from time to time…it’s called The Brain of Kate.

Teen Wolf is a funny movie.

I think I might sell all of my possessions and start over…or just put them all in the basement and pretend I sold them and still start over.

I wish the clothes I wanted to wear today were in the dryer right now so they would be toasty warm when I put them on.

I would be ok if someone stole a bunch of things from my house if they didn’t make a mess for me to clean up.

I’m fond of and afraid of change at the same time. 

I hate the phrase TGIF.

The brain’s favorite things

So I was at the grocery store, waiting in line, when I saw the ‘Oprah’s favorite things’ edition of her magazine.  I didn’t buy it. I didn’t even open it. I only thought about what MY favorite things are…and what recommendations I could make for holiday (ugh, to soon to talk about it) gifts….if I had a magazine.

Let’s start with the obvious…Pearl Jam. If I had to choose one album to get someone, it works be super tough. A live performance would be a must. But…if I had to choose one I would choose by favorite right now, which is Vitalogy.

Doc Marten boots. They’re simply the best.

Real Simple magazine.

Banana Flax bread from my local co-op. It’s so damn good.

And I love my Breville juicer. Love it. I’ve been fond of making smoothies lately, however it was the juicer that set me on a healthier journey.

Black v-neck t shirts from Wet Seal. Wet Seal?? Isn’t that for 15 year old girls?? Yes. Yes it is. But their shirts are the best I’ve found…and they’re like $7.

Seinfeld. All the seasons.

Wayne’s World. Party time. Excellent.

A big tub of coconut oil.

Peppermint Bark ice cream. Isn’t it interesting how I speak of this healthy journey and yet still include ice cream on the list? You better believe I’ll be indulging in at least 3 pints this holiday season. Maybe more like 7.

A warm car. Remote starter? It would be on my favorites list if I had one. I could only imagine.

A tempur-pedic bed. I don’t have one of these either…but I laid on one in the showroom. It is by far one of my favorites. Please give one to your loved ones this holiday season if you have an extra $5000 hanging around.

Maid service…by someone who won’t steal your expensive skin care line from your medicine cabinet. That whore. I’m not bitter.

I could go on and on and on…