First lights


I’m officially one of ‘those’ people.  You know the type, they feel all festive and merry and put up their holiday lights before anyone else to show everyone on the block just how festive they are.  They even put up their lights before Thanksgiving!  Blasphemous!

I’ve never been one of those people.  But this year, I tell ya, I’ve had that holiday spirit thing for over 2 weeks now. 

My justification is that I have kids.  But in all honesty, I’m pretty sure I wrote a post roughly 2 years ago whining grinchily about the holiday season.  The kids existed then. Yeah, I wasn’t feeling it that year.  But last year I watched Home Alone at least 10 times and an assortment of other Christmas cheer movies probably every single day. The spirit crept up on me. This year it’s even worse. 

I even researched into the origins of Christmas so I felt a little less guilty about enjoying it and not being full blown Christian.  I find the spirit of Yule and winter solstice much more appealing.  I read about so many interesting regions and cultures celebrating the change of season in their own way.  I now have a potpurri of new holiday beliefs and traditions.

Saturnalia, you’re drunk…go home. 

So, yes, I put up our lights and I love them. I didn’t turn them on right away… for fear of being one of those people.  I planned on waiting until after Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving deserves its day.  Then it snowed and everything changed.  Everything changed!  I mean, I just can’t resist now.  It’s like these lights are Skittles and I just can’t resist that sweet rainbow! I find snow illuminated with twinkly lights to be one of my favorite winter time things. 

Better not pout, I’m telling you why


There’s something great about the holiday season this year.  It feels warm and fuzzy….

What could be better than Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters and twinkly Christmas lights??  Or candy cane ice cream??  Or fresh sparkly snow?  Or watching all the silly holiday movies that make you tear up because they’re so heartwarming!?!

I think this might be the last year my lovely #1 believes in Santa.  She asked me a while back if he was real…and I always divert the question back to her like I have no idea what is going on. 

‘I don’t know, what do you think?’

She must think I don’t know anything.  Except the inner workings of the female body during menstruation…because I had to explain to her, in detail, why girls ‘pee blood when they’re 12.’

I know much more about that than I do about Santa.  Although I do know that Santa and girls peeing blood both really enjoy cookies.  A lot!

Anyway…my plan is to give her 2 of the same things.  One from Santa.  One from mom and dad.  Why would mom and dad do that??  That one will make her head spin a little. 

Head spinning can also be a side effect of menstruation.