Happy election day!


I love election days.  I do.

I suppose I don’t really love politics and picking sides and the inability to compromise, but I love seeing swarms of people all dressed and ready for their days stopping in to get their sticker. I love that everyone is super friendly and helpful.  There’s a buzz of energy, excitement, and anticipation.  Perhaps a little fear too.  I love that I vote at the park by the lake…never mind dodging goose poop.  I love that everyone smiles and nods at one another because we’re grateful and thankful to be able to voice our choice. 

During my ten minutes of voting on  election day, it feels like it’s not about winning or losing…it feels like it’s about community and smiling at my neighbors. 

I have to admit it gets me a little choked up when I see all these people taking a little time out to do what they are asked to do.  I’m such a sap.  I will also get teared up when I see the happy winners on the news, regardless of which party, because it all started with these lovely people at the park.