grunge and glitter

Yesterday’s glitter-storm of valentine making proved mighty exciting.  Almost as exciting as seeing Soundgarden tonight.  As I carry around the leftover teal and lavender glitters from head to toe, I am optimistic that it will make me blindingly sparkly for Mr. Chris Cornell.  I’m sure he will deliver me a backstage pass and inquire about my sparkly style.

I mean, how do you get it to whoosh around behind you when you walk?  

Well, Chris…can I call you Chris? You have to make valentines with me to find out.

I’m there.

And that’s how Chris Cornell and I became best friends and how I met my second husband, Eddie Vedder.  How did you think all that happened?

Times for making Valenstimes!!


The house has been glitterfied.  It’s everywhere.  Can’t help but love it because girls love glitter at Valenstimes day. 

And why is that such a hard word to say?  I feel like kids say valentimes instead of valentines forever….sometimes I even hear grown ups say it. 


Hope you all make and give tons of Valenstimes this year!  And homemade ones are the best, of course.