I must admit, I tried really hard…I did. I searched inside this brain of mine to decipher the simple code.  More like a puzzle than a code.

SMH…or…smh, for the non-capitalizers.

At first I just tried to pronounce it and assumed it was a great sound to go with ‘whatever.’  Very much like a pfffft or pshaww.  A little valley girl-esque. 

Smh, whatever!!!

And I now have to admit that it’s bothered me for at least a year and I felt too dumb to ask anyone, and it seemed like everyone had been using it.  I want to be in the know…in on the secret.  So I just looked it up. I just fucking googled smh. 

This is what’s going to happen a few short years from now when my innocent little girls become hormonal tweens and begin to talk in code to their friends on their fucking gold iPhones.  I’m going to be on our huge home computer searching the internet for answers into their communication methods.  They’ll be behind my back lol’ing. 

It means shake my head, as in disgust. Or scratch my head, as in confusion.  Ironic, eh?  That I was  smh’ing about the very meaning of smh.  Irony.