Things that make me think I can write better

When I’m trying to be a productive writer, and I use the term writer quite loosely, there are a few things that I like to use to trick my brain into being more focused….and hopefully more creative and clear.

*Eddie Vedder radio on Pandora (this is an obvious one…obviously!)

*I wear shoes.  Yes, I wear shoes.  It makes me think that I am going to work, and am therefore more productive.  Sometimes I’m snuggled up in a blanket at 1 a.m. with shoes on.  It’s a tough job, people.  The struggle is real.

*Hoods and scarves.  I cocoon my whole head up so that only my eyes can peek out.  I like to think that it keeps the creative juices warm and toasty and traps them so they can only escape through my chubby little fingers.

*Candy…love a good sugar buzz

*Caffeine…nothing helps out that sugar buzz like a little eyeball-popping caffeine.  Lately, I’ve just taken to drinking a double shot of espresso.  No latte, no cappuccino, no americano….just gimme the good stuff.  It helps my fingers type faster and with much less precision.

*Yellow legal pads, post it notes, and my favorite rollerball pens.  Sometimes, simply shopping for these items and never opening the packages is helpful in writing….it encourages that intention to write something important.

*Cooking something in the crock pot.  This one is huge.  As a mother and wife and general do-everything-in-the-household type of person…it really helps me focus when I know that dinner/lunch/whatever is cooking itself.  Multi-tasking at its finest!!

*sometimes I venture into Twisted Sister radio on Pandora too…for a little energy boost.



Can dreams come true?

I like weird dreams.  Dreams that you can barely even explain…you know the ones.  When you say the words out loud, trying desperately to paint the picture of what happened and where you were but it wasn’t there, you feel like a complete fool.

This dream is not quite like that.

It begins here:

I’m sitting at a lunch table in my high school gymnasium.  I remember the blue circle seats.  I was sitting with someone I knew, but I can’t recall who it truly was.  It felt like we were friends.

I glanced over my left shoulder and saw my mother at the head table, near the stage.  I saw her from behind.  I recognized her twisted bun.  A man approached her table and hunkered down to her left her.  I gasped.  My heart began to beat faster and I stood up.  I shot up, actually.

Next thing I know, I’m crouched to my mom’s right side saying ‘Want to introduce me to your friend?’  I have some shit-eating grin on my face as I look to him for the answer and not my mom.  My mom was merely the portal.

He smiles and opens his arms as if to say ‘come and sit on my lap.’  I did not sit on his lap.

It’s Eddie.  Eddie fucking Vedder.

We proceed to chat for approximately 4 sentences about my high school gym and how great it is.

Blink of the eyes and I’m back in my blue circle lunchtable seat with a co-worker…different person than was initially sitting at my table.  She’s gushing and asks me if I gave him one of my business cards.  I hadn’t.  I felt completely deflated and totally elated at the same time.

The dream lasted mere moments in the 5 minutes I snoozed back to sleep after my alarm went off.  Interesting all the things that can transpire in 5 minutes in your brain, isn’t it?

Man of my dreams

Oh, joy! Don’t you love when you love your dreams? I do. And I loved my dreams last night.

Eddie Vedder made an appearance.

Not just an appearance, actually. He played a major role. Pearl Jam was playing in a mall and there were only maybe 6 people there, cheering…because it was some surprise appearance. My chance to get up close and personal! I brushed his arm hair. The hair on his head was silver, which I thought was strange. They went from playing to us hugging and taking photos together. The silver Vedder.

Unfortunately I woke up.

Fortunately, the dream continued when I fell back asleep!!! I love that! Next scene, we were on a mountain. Some other guy fell off the side. Eddie’s hair was still silver. There was a love connection. I’m sure of it.


Finally.  It’s March.  I hope the spring air is upon us soon.  I feel like nearly everyone I know is sick, getting sick, getting over being sick….frankly, it’s sickening.

I spent the whole night with a pillow over my head trying not to breathe the same sick air as my sick husband.  He kept trying to creep closer and snuggle up with me…and I kept trying to creep away.  I don’t need those booger hands all over me. 
And I had 2 weird dreams about work.  One that I fell asleep with a client…literally fell asleep and awoke to the embarrassment of falling asleep on the job wrapped in a blanket with a fully clothed person.  Weird. 

In the other dream, a male client was being flirtatious and creepy and was trying to cover up his hard on…and was trying to get his sick booger hands on me.  I remember feeling his stubble in my face at one point.  Sick.  I blame it on the sick man creeping up next to me all night. 

Dreams are crazy. It’s funny how you can kind of figure out how and why your brain is messing with you.  Although I’m not quite sure why I fell asleep at work in the first dream.  Maybe I’m worried about not getting enough sleep? Maybe I’m even tired subconsciously?

Maybe my brain thought I would find it amusing?  I do.  I also find the hard on creep amusing even though that dream had a creepy vibe. 

I’m trying my hardest to not get this sickness that is been sneezed around my house though.  I fear the dreams may only get worse.  Now that it is March…things may start to thaw and fester even more. 

I must stay healthy…if only for my dreamworld sanity.

Electric dreams

This brain can dream.  It must mean I’m sleeping more soundly lately.  Maybe. 

Except…a lot of my dreams are creepy and action packed.  Or they’re super fucked up and weird….impossible to explain. 

Last night I had an action packed thriller of a dream.  All of the electronic devices in the world were coming alive and killing everyone.  A little transformer-ish, I suppose. 

All the cords turned into outlines of lions and mean elephants.  Cell phones were zapping people with charges. 

There was a mystery man that I was with and we were helping to save each other…because everyone else had gotten cut in half by the tv or fridge or something. 

Isn’t it weird in dreams when you’re with someone and in the dream you know exactly who it is, but then you wake up and you can’t recall anything about them except where you were and what you did?  It’s so fucked up.  It’s so great though.  Dreams are so very cool. 

Although mine was a little creepy, admittedly, I’m impressed with my brain’s way of working all these strange things into an awesome story.  Amazing!

Does Aleve give you weird dreams?

I had to take some Aleve pain reliever before bed…because my frankenstein stitches in my mouth began to throb again.  I think I slept great.

I had crazy bizarro dreams though.  One included an old friend that I’m not really friends with anymore.  She was in another dream the other night, so that’s even weirder.  I think she was telling me wrong directions and I got super pissed at her.  Her hair was really frickin cute.

In the other dream I was a real estate agent.  I was showing this odd house to this odd man who started off actually being one of my female clients…and then turned into an old wobbly man.  This house had a produce store in the basement, a water slide inside the house, and an exquisite view of a California-like landscape.

Strange.  But was it the Aleve?  Or was it just my brain working out the day’s events?  I suppose we’ll find out this evening, as I’m sure my mouth will still be throbbing.

Hopefully its a good, normal, weird one and not a creepy one.  I dislike the creepy dreams.