For what it’s worth…


Tomorrow marks 4 years of blogging…

4 years of putting my shit out there.

I’ve learned not to babble and to not write annoyingly long ass posts.  I’ve learned to keep it simple.  I’ve learned that people enjoy pictures.  People enjoy simple wit and irony and dogs. 

Good Lord, you people love dogs!  That’s ok, I do too. 

Take a gander through the archives if you desire…sometimes I still giggle at the things I’ve admitted in writing.  I still get little pretzel knots in my stomach thinking about how much of my brain I actually share. 

Also…I should totally have front row seats to Pearl Jam and a six figure book deal by now.  Where are the connections that I’ve dreamed up in my head??

Where, oh, all knowing internet, where????

Die ticket scalpers

Let me shift my focus from Hawaii for a moment and discuss another current obsession: Pearl Jam.

You guessed it.

Tickets for the show at Wrigley field in Chicago went on sale while I was in paradise.  A very good friend of mine volunteered to help me get tickets.  She spent 2 hours on the ticketing website…and never even had the opportunity to purchase any before they sold out.

Strange that there are seemingly hundreds of tickets for sale on other ticket sites now.  Yeah…plenty of choices now.  Trouble is the price increase. 

*prepare yourself for small annoyed rant*

What were once very affordable 45-75 dollar tickets….are now minimum $275.  Minimum!!  These ticket scalping assholes get to make a profit of over $200 just for buying more tickets before anyone else gets the chance?  Just for clicking their fat fingers on the right link at the right time? 


That wasn’t even the highest.  That was the lowest mark up.  I saw tickets for over $2000.  No shit. 

This may be a dream of mine, but it is also not my dream to support stub hub and ticket king….not to support some loser who can make money with out even really working.  I work very hard for my money, as most people do, but my dream may have to wait.

Maybe I should all start scalping tickets.  Then perhaps I can retire to Hawaii at 35. 


Here’s to dreaming big!!!

Side note: upon writing the word dreaming on my ‘smart phone,’ it automatically changed it to steaming.  So the sentencing read: here’s to steaming big!!!  Sounds like I was excited about a really giant crap. 

At any rate, dreaming big….I hope that you all keep on dreaming.  When I think back to ideas that I had for myself at the age of 30, they did not include anything close to what I’ve actually done.  But I still dream.  I dream for the future, I dream about the past, and I dream for my mental health. 

It’s healthy….er, I think. 

It’s fun to imagine making a movie or writing a book or traveling the world.  Wouldn’t it be great if I win that lottery tomorrow?

And I actually bought a lottery ticket yesterday.  I don’t normally.  It’s weird.  I saw this neon pink sign at the grocery store and because someone took the time to sharpie the winnings on that piece of paper, I had to buy it. 

Do I realistically think I’ll win?  Nah.  But if I did…oh, what blog adventures I would have to share. 

And that is the true reason why I dream: material for my blog.