Things that make me think I can write better

When I’m trying to be a productive writer, and I use the term writer quite loosely, there are a few things that I like to use to trick my brain into being more focused….and hopefully more creative and clear.

*Eddie Vedder radio on Pandora (this is an obvious one…obviously!)

*I wear shoes.  Yes, I wear shoes.  It makes me think that I am going to work, and am therefore more productive.  Sometimes I’m snuggled up in a blanket at 1 a.m. with shoes on.  It’s a tough job, people.  The struggle is real.

*Hoods and scarves.  I cocoon my whole head up so that only my eyes can peek out.  I like to think that it keeps the creative juices warm and toasty and traps them so they can only escape through my chubby little fingers.

*Candy…love a good sugar buzz

*Caffeine…nothing helps out that sugar buzz like a little eyeball-popping caffeine.  Lately, I’ve just taken to drinking a double shot of espresso.  No latte, no cappuccino, no americano….just gimme the good stuff.  It helps my fingers type faster and with much less precision.

*Yellow legal pads, post it notes, and my favorite rollerball pens.  Sometimes, simply shopping for these items and never opening the packages is helpful in writing….it encourages that intention to write something important.

*Cooking something in the crock pot.  This one is huge.  As a mother and wife and general do-everything-in-the-household type of person…it really helps me focus when I know that dinner/lunch/whatever is cooking itself.  Multi-tasking at its finest!!

*sometimes I venture into Twisted Sister radio on Pandora too…for a little energy boost.



Writing is hard

Holy shit.  Writing is hard.

Blogging is easy.

Writing…like real, honest to goodness writing, is super fucking tough.  You know it, I know it, every non-writer and writer out there knows it.  We read and dissect and criticize, but we all know it is really fucking difficult to have an idea in your head and to flesh it out onto paper with words that make it come alive in another person’s head.

It’s like eating a spoonful of alphabet soup and not being able to make any of the random letters make any sense…because you realize you can’t even read!!

…you know, I can’t think of any more clever phrases that writing is like…because I’ve spent the last 7 hours thinking that I made some headway on my project.  When in reality, I have about 3 paragraphs.  3 pretty decent, descriptive paragraphs, but 3 paragraphs nonetheless.

What’s the last thing that you wrote that made you excited to write but the creative process kept slowing you down??



I have the whole day off today. No errands to run, no appointments to go to, nothing…until I fetch the lovelies from school, I am alone. I love it. I need it.

My plans are vague.  I like it that way.  I am going to bundle myself up and set myself up in a cafe with a hot cup of Joe.  Um…autocorrect wanted that to say hot cop instead of cup. That might be ok too…

I’m going to write today. Something I don’t tell people is my writing process.  Everyone has a process.  Mine is to wrap myself up in a scarf and put up my hood so that just my eyes show.  I take off my glasses.  I cross my legs and try to get as warm as possible.  I don’t hear anything.  I lean into the screen as I type and pay no attention to meaningless mistakes and punctuation. I just go.

Solitude…even amongst a cafe full of people. 

I write for a while that way until I’m sweaty or lose my groove.  Then I undo everything and stretch and take a sip of my hopefully still hot beverage with two hands.  Then as I get back into the groove, I slowly begin wrapping myself back up.  Back into the cocoon.  It’s interesting that the more I cocoon myself the more honest my writing is. 

But I lie sometimes.