Happy thoughts


It’s interesting to see just how much we humans agonize over happiness.  Isn’t it?  We research it, we read about it, we make lists about it, we dream, goal-set, prioritize, flip-flop, argue about it, we buy colorful magazines that talk about it, we buy a lot of things for it actually, we blame, we start to loathe it sometimes, and then…sometimes, all of a sudden, it’s here!

Strange.  How a few days in the sunshine and a little break from the normal routine can re-spark that zest for life.  Puts it all in perspective…that life is short and every day is a step towards something better and greater.  I find that it helps me to make lists of things…

…so here’s my list of things that are currently filling me up:

*Cadbury chocolate Mini-Eggs…they come out for Easter time and they are  my favorite.

*A new clever book called One More Thing: Stories and other Stories by BJ Novak.  It’s a collection of short stories written with wit and humor…my favorite!  He was a writer for The Office and he wrote the children’s book, The Book with No Words.

*My good friend is having a baby at any moment!  Her due date is today!  I remember those last days of waiting were so strange and interesting and excruciating…but the wait is so worth it.  Good Luck to her!!

*Um…sunshine!  It’s 40 degrees here in the chilly Midwest.  That, my friends, is a heat wave.  I like to think I brought it back with me.  I’ll take credit where credit is due.

*Yellow tulips

*FlexJobs.com…which I haven’t officially signed up for because I have to pay a monthly fee, but basically you can find freelance/telecommuting jobs with legit companies.  Not scam companies.  I can tell you more as I find out, but why not write some blog posts for someone part-time and get paid?  Right?  Write?  Right?

*Coffee delivered to me by my husband while I type…yessssssssss

*Another book that I ordered that will arrive on Tuesday.  It’s called Do Cool Shit (Quit your day job, Start your own business, and Live happily ever after).  Pretty sweet eh?  By Miki Agrawal.  Not saying I’m ready to start my own business but I just really like books that break down overwhelming, larger than life events with witty, down to earth writing.  Yup.

*New work digs!  My job moved locations last week and we start in a new, fresh space tomorrow!  It’s so strange but also super great.  It’s great that we are growing and able to expand a little.  Yay!

*The sketch comedy class that I’m taking online through The Second City.  Let’s get weird, people.

What’s making you guys happy lately?


Breakfast trust

Call me crazy, but I don’t always trust runny eggs and coffee on a Monday morning.

I just don’t trust that they will work together in harmony.  They’ve failed me one too many times.  On a Sunday, yes.  Sundays have all the comforts of home… just in case, you know?

But a Monday?  I need my eggs to be good and solid.  Or non existent.  I might be more prone to trusting  oatmeal on a Monday. 


Today it was -13…with a wind chill temperature varying between -40 and -50.  The kids had no school.  It was brutal.  It’s the type of cold the news people dream of! 

I had to work, which was fine, I suppose.  Yes, it would’ve been nice to stay cozied up in a pile of blankets with my little lovelies and dog, but….

I drank a shit ton of coffee today because it was the only warm thing to hold onto…so I don’t think I’ll ever fall asleep.  I’ll be buzzing around until the chilly wee hours of the morning. 


So weak…


Dear coffee, I really miss you.

I am weak. A weakling!!

I had a coffee yesterday. And even though I may be a weakling because if it, I loved every moment as well. I loved it! I’ve always loved coffee and lattes and mochas and all the drizzles and bells and whistles.

Why I stopped…I suppose I was ready to try anything to feel more normal at the time. And…while I definitely don’t feel more normal now, I feel that I have proved to myself that I can if I need to or if I had to.

But I don’t have to.

I can do whatever I want!

Oh, that first warm, delicious, coffee flavored sip mixed with that creamy fluffy whipped cream. You bet your ass I got whipped cream! I tried to savor it…but I may have chugged it. It was so good. So delicious!

It also, of course, delivered the zip that I’ve missed as well. I kind of like the caffeine sweats and the racing thoughts and the shakes a little. It makes the day a little more interesting and makes giggling a little easier.

Dear caffeine, I really missed you too.



Check out this veggie turkey!  Isn’t it hilarious?  I’m so thankful I found it to bring to our open house today.  I volunteered to bring veggies….and giggles.

And thankfully I didn’t have to do all this work. I’ll pay extra for that convenience. 

Look at the pepper gobbler.  Ha! 

I’m tempted to stop for a coffee this morning.  Something delicious and holiday-esque.  Perhaps cinnamon or peppermint?  Perhaps my old fave Americano? 

Will I?  Won’t I?  Should I? Shouldn’t I? 

I don’t know.  I’m torn.  I’ve just been so sleepy lately and I want a good little buzz to get me through this busy day.  But I suppose I know what might happen if I do have coffee…and I’m not sure I want that to happen today. 

Severe #2’s. 

Yep, poop. Diarrhea maybe.  Painful even. 

Maybe I’ll just stick to the veggie turkey platter.  Gobble gobble!

And yesterday was a double midget day…

So I’m 32.  It feels pretty stellar.  Yesterday my friend said that women are their most beautiful at 36, so I’m working up to that.  Shit, a lot can happen in 4 years. 

I intend to practice some gratitude this birthday year and here are the things I am most grateful for since Wednesday.

*free bday coffee (I may or may not have prepped lovely #2 to help with that one)

*a job that I really love and working with people that make me laugh and appreciate my strange-ness


*birthday cheeseburgers and tacos

*free birthday cake

*Pina coladas with friends (obviously we call them penis coladas…which then morphs into turd-a-coladas…don’t ask me quite why


*friends that make you beautiful handmade things.

*friends who buy flasks as gifts

*spotting a midget walking his dog

*anyone that will sing a song to me on my voicemail

*coffee and pie

*the coziness of my bed after having to get up and get 2 stubborn people ready and bring them to school

*those 2 little stubborn people

*my wife-pup

*spotting another midget in the same day across town…this one was an extra tiny old woman.  Fascinating.

*taking the double midget sighting as some kind of sign…and hoping that there will be more double midget days this year. 

Highlights of a regular Sunday

* warming up the car to sauna status before heading out (sorry mother nature)

* pearl jam tunes

* coffee with just enough cream and sugar to make it chuggable in 7 minutes.

* girls with shaved heads

* clean bathroom

* the fact that my 4 year old lovely who makes excuses to avoid helping clean up anything…cleaned 2 rooms by herself without anyone asking

* pretty rainbow pony hair

* reading about professor Dumbledore out loud in accents

Put a Boogie in it

I stopped to get some coffee on my way to work this morning.  As I walked in, I saw a somewhat grimey dude laid back on a chair with his laptop in front of him.  I didn’t think much of it.  It’s normal for people to close their eyes early in the morning while working on computers. 

I got my cup-o-joe and headed back out the door. 

While in my car, I situated myself and let her warm up a bit.  I glanced up and saw the grimey dude was awake at the window. 

He yawned and gracefully brought his pinkey finger up to his nostril and dug in.  He turned it back and forth with surprising force.  Like he was trying to open a jar of pickles or something.  Yikes. 

He pulled his finger out and looked at the sweet bounty that his nose had created. 

I whispered to myself ‘eat it, eat it, do it, eat it.’

And he did.  Boogered up pinkey right in the mouth. 

What a great way to start the day.