France. We come from France.



Cone shaped cabbages?  Just what in the world (more like out-of-this-world) is going on here in California?

It’s a touch of the bizarro, I tell ya.

We stepped into Whole Foods, only to be greeted by little green, alien, conehead cabbages!

I didn’t buy one…I didn’t trust it.  I figured it would surely attach itself to my vacuum cleaner and consume all of the dirt and debris.  Wait, that’s not such a bad thing at all.  Consume mass quantities!



Happy lethargic day!


Coincidence that the word lethargic happens to be on St. Patrick’s Day weekend? 

I think not.

Corned beef and cabbage hangovers for all!!!

Or perhaps the makers of this stupid ‘word-a-day to make you smarter’ calendar know just how to poke at those spring fever buttons…like they just know that you are dying for some warmth and sunshine.  That you would kill for a 45 degree day.  That 30 minutes of sunshine might crack a smile.

We Midwesterners are lethargic!!!  That’s why we drink so much on St. Patrick’s Day.  Or any day, really.