Oh technology.  I think it really is going to come alive one of these days and cut us all in half.

Today I was doing a little online bill paying.  Because I’m pretty hip like that.  And…it is really super fucking convenient, don’t you think?

So I click on all the tabs I have to and click submit…and it tells me I should call whatever phone number or try again later.  Well, I can’t try again later because I have things to do and I need to get this payment in because it’s the last minute and I’ve been unemployed for a second and everything is down to the wire.  Yikes!!!

I pulled out my phone and called and entered all my account numbers and said all my issues to the automated lady and finally got to speak with a real human.

He was very nice and walked me through the entire process, like I was an idiot.  I kept reassuring him that I already did all that.  I already did that.  I know what to click, I already did it.  It told me to call or try again!!  I know!!!!!  I just don’t have time later and need to get this paid.  I know, I clicked that.  I know, it just didn’t work and I need it to work.  I already did it!!!

Of course, of course, of COURSE….it worked when I was on the phone with him.  Of Course it did.  Now I seem like a fucking loser online bill payer and he looks like the hero.