Spirits lifted


Because of the crabby nature of nearly the whole month of March, I have royally fucked up my year of ‘fuck it.’  March is nearing the end, and hopefully we will be lucky enough to have some sunshine and a little warmth.  I need some natural Vitamin D stat!

Here are a number of things that I have been focusing on to lift my spirits as of late:

*This dog.  What a great heating blanket she makes.

*An email from a bestie entitled ‘To cheer you,’ containing obscure rants from an evening we spent together in 2010.  Literary snacks included in this email:

Scat on the flute—-> spoken beat poetry

You can be the girl singer, I’ll be the dude

Roll tumbleweed roll, roll across my heart

*Lovely #1 turning 8 whole years old.

*Lovely #1 wanting to rollerskate for her birthday party

*Rollerskating myself.  Only fell down one time…and then it was just like being 7 myself, rollerskating in the basement listening to MJ’s Bad album.

*Lovely #1 starting junior roller derby in 2 weeks.  Kick ass little lovely!!

*Eddie Vedder….obviously.

*This band a friend of mine took me to…not quite post sickness, to cheer me…called Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.  It was just what I needed.  A little bluegrassy and fun…and we got to meet them after because there were maybe 40 people in the whole place.  Check them out if you like.

*Justin Timberlake.  I admit it’s not quite my style, however I’ve had a special place in my musical heart ever since Justified and that catchy song Cry Me a River.  I went last Thursday to get the new 20/20 cd.  Sold out.  I went for wrapping paper Saturday and it was there.  Score.  Then I almost lost it in my car cd player.  Many crabbies would’ve happened.

*fried chicken.  Ultimate comfort.

*Faking it.  Fake it until you make it.  Chances are…before you know it, you’re crabbiness will have faded and that fake smile will have turned into a semi-real one.

*some strange tv show called American Ninja Warrior.  These super humans compete through insane obstacle courses…I think, if these people can do this, I can at least overcome a little crabbiness.