and the secret word is….



It’s about time the kids were introduced to the high flying adventures of Big Top Pee Wee, don’t you agree?

I can’t even remember the first time I saw this movie…and I’m not sure how long ago it was.  As I watch, I am realizing that I don’t remember any of this.  I mean, I remember, but I don’t remember.  I don’t remember the talking pig or the angry townsfolk.  I don’t remember Kris Kristofferson playing the ring leader of the circus in his Indiana Jones attire.  Maybe I remember Pee Wee’s Big Adventure more…the tequila song and the platform shoes with the goldfish in them and Large Marge.  People still do that funny back and forth thumb dance when the song Tequila comes on.

I do seem to recall the egg salad sandwich dripping on Pee Wee’s face…mmm…egg salad-y!

I remember watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse on Saturday mornings when I was a kid and I remember loving it.  I loved the clay-mation opening scene and I loved the aluminum foil ball.  Who could forget Chairy?  I might just have to order all the seasons so that I can relive it every Saturday morning.  I think that the new generation is enjoying it too…my little lovely #2 thinks that it’s pretty funny so far.  So far so good!  Everyone loves that good old Pee Wee giggle.

My friend and I like to drive around, drink coffee, and try to laugh like Pee Wee.  We end up geeking out and laughing so fucking hard we have to wee wee a little pee pee.  See how much joy Pee Wee can bring?



Pearl Jam tonight!



Holy smokes!  The day has finally arrived that Eddie Vedder and friends roll into my town, my turf, my favorite!!

I can barely wait.  I’ve been pacing around the house, cleaning, cooking, changing clothes and looking in the mirror over and over again.  I’ve turned into a little bit of a girl over this whole thing.  Normally, when girls have an exciting event, they go all ga-ga and obsess about what to wear.  And normally I find that more than mildly annoying.   Why is it that girls are always worried about what to wear?  Will I be whisked away backstage because of my new jeans or will Eddie do a shout out to me and my perfectly matched yet unmatched cardigan??

I think not.

But here I am, checking myself out in the mirror over and over like a stupid twenty-something single girl!.

At any rate, I anticipate an evening filled with great people, cocktails, laughter, mind blowing music, and *fingers crossed* several poor choices.  I really hope they play Immortality since I didn’t hear it at Wrigley last summer.  I hope that there’s no douchebags sitting in our section that thinking they are the epitome of the PJ Superfan and record the whole show on their giant iphone 6.  I also hope we’re not next to the annoying concert girls.  You know what I’m talking about.  They scream.  They sing loudly the whole time.  They get drunk and spill overpriced beer on you.

But hey, that’s what concerts are all about.  The music and the weirdo people that love it!  Cheers!


start her up


Check out my dirty windshield.

It’s a good thing I was on my way to get a new car….

I was out of washer fluid.  I would’ve made it clean and clear if it weren’t for the spattering combination of salt, slush, and dirt from behind a few 18 wheelers.  Winter driving really does nothing for visibility.

But I got a new car!  It’s nice.  It was time to give the old one back because the lease was expiring, so I got to pick out a new one.  The winter laughs at me…because I got a black one.  By tomorrow, it will look gray.  It was destiny, though.  As I turned the key and started her up, the radio kicked on and I heard him.  I heard my Eddie singing to me. I turned it up to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from all the waiting room coffee.  It was Eddie Vedder singing Dissident for me.


Lovely #2 also informed me of her first loose tooth today.  I nearly gave away the whole tooth fairy gig.  I mentioned that I might have some of Lovely #1’s old teeth.

What??  Wait….how do you have my teeth?

Well…I wanted to keep at least one for myself.  I’m your mom!  I snuck it and left a note for the tooth fairy saying that I wanted to keep one.  I didn’t want her to have them all.

Suspicious…very suspicious.

Uh…..Hey, check out the cool new car….



I was reminded today, of this red notebook filled with my own poetry.  Poetry that I wrote between the ages of 15 and 18…probably on my bedroom floor, listening to Pearl Jam really quietly.  I was probably writing them by the glow of my maroon lava lamp or by candlelight.  It was probably between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am.

I knew it was tucked away in a storage bin in my basement with other samples of writing that I’ve saved over the years.  I had to get it out.  I had to read it.  I thought that I would find some diamonds in the rough.

I gotta tell ya, I found a lot of rough in the rough.  Seriously, talk about teen angst.  I had a lot of anger to express about something… I actually made a lot of it rhyme.  It was all pretty bad…and actually really depressing.

Here’s a gem for you:

Never…by the brain of kate circa 1997

Any love so bold and true, could never compare to the love I had for you…

Any hate as strong as steel, could never compare to the hate that I now feel.

Wow. Intense!  How about a funny one??

salsa…by the brain of kate circa 1999

My mom makes the best salsa-

-she can’t dance.



Perhaps not the greatest photo…but I was like 25 people deep.  Give me a break.  I only took 3 pictures.  I don’t like to be one of those people that is taking pictures the whole time.  And I sure as hell don’t want to be one of those people recording video on their phones the whole time.  There’s one in front of me in this picture.  I hate that.  Enjoy the moment.  You can’t dance at all while holding a phone anyway.

At least I got Santa in there…or is it Waldo?  We’ll never know.

Soundgarden kicked some serious ass.  We had a blast.  I may have peed my pants a little.  Seriously.  When the band started everyone was jumping up and down and I’m pretty sure 2 little tinkles happened.  It happened.  Fuck it.  My friend kissed a random dude.  We didn’t see any boobies flashed or penises out.  Thankfully.  We stood by these 25 year olds and they thought we were like 20, so that was awesome.  I’ll piss my pants in excitement.

I mean, that Chris Cornell is really pretty fine to look at.

Everyone in the crowd was really nice.  Is that something that happens when majority of the crowd is over 30 (minus the 25 year olds)?  I feel like last time I went to a concert at this venue there was pushing and shoving and drinks being spilled and bitches and assholes everywhere.  Not this time.  All the tall men were so nice and let us stand in front of them.  The girls weren’t bitchy at all.

Let’s hope that this year of ‘fuck it’ brings on some more killer concerts (please please please let it be Pearl Jam), experiences, and good times.

P.S. I leave for Hawaii in 3 days.  Hows abouts that?

grunge and glitter

Yesterday’s glitter-storm of valentine making proved mighty exciting.  Almost as exciting as seeing Soundgarden tonight.  As I carry around the leftover teal and lavender glitters from head to toe, I am optimistic that it will make me blindingly sparkly for Mr. Chris Cornell.  I’m sure he will deliver me a backstage pass and inquire about my sparkly style.

I mean, how do you get it to whoosh around behind you when you walk?  

Well, Chris…can I call you Chris? You have to make valentines with me to find out.

I’m there.

And that’s how Chris Cornell and I became best friends and how I met my second husband, Eddie Vedder.  How did you think all that happened?

Pants pissing party

So those of you that know me well, know that I am re-obsessed with Pearl Jam and most things 90’s grunge era.  Yes.  It’s true.

So then you will be just as piss-your-pants-excited as I am that Pearl Jam is going to be doing a show in Chicago this July.  Um…yes.  Just pissed my pants.  How about you?  Thanks…I appreciate you pissing in your pants for me.  It’s exciting, I know.

I’ve wanted to see Pearl Jam live since I was in 7th grade.  I remember telling this girl in Earth Science class how much I liked them.  I also remember we decided that we would be able to go see a live concert when we were 16.  She would later become the rumored slut of our class because she had developed early.  I suppose big boobs makes boys think you have sex.  But the rumor turned out to be true. We did not see any concerts.

I also remember this high school kid would wear a Pearl Jam shirt and I thought he was just the coolest thing in the world.  He wasn’t really attractive, but just cool.  So cool.

And times changed a little.  I went to college and got interested in new music that was cooler at the time, and then some hip hop, and then who knows what.  Then I became a mother and lost touch with all reality.  Finally, I can think again.  I have a little sliver of time for myself again.  And I rediscovered my love of music. My love of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana and Alice in Chains and Live.  Yeah.  What of it?

So now I finally have that chance to see these bands live.  Soundgarden is back together.  Pearl Jam hasn’t announced their next tour (fingers crossed) yet, but they have announced this show.  This evening with Pearl Jam.  I am beyond pumped.  I am also prepared to spend a good chunk of cash that I don’t really have for this experience.  That’s what credit cards are for.

And I love glitter and Doc Martens.  Boom.