It’s hard to write a good blog post at the roller skating rink…

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great characters to choose from to describe.  Maybe the chubby girl with the light up ring who stops for a new snack after each lap or the sweet Asian dad with his two little girls?  Maybe the awkward, loud mom that I recognize from the salon?  Ugh, I hope she doesn’t notice me.  I can’t quite describe how excited she was when Eye of the Tiger came on. 

Or perhaps the 14 year old couple?  The girl had a stringy ponytail that reached the top of her butt crack!  Someone should give her the number of a great hairdresser. 

Here I wanted to describe the awesome wooden skate floor or the critter-ridden carpet wall…or the cute old lady who made my hot cocoa in the snack stand…but I keep getting distracted by these amazing 4 year old skaters with light up skates and matching cheetah sweaters. 

You wouldn’t even believe how they skate-danced to some In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins…flipping their hair around and taunting me.


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