Let’s save some dough and travel, yo!


Ah, travel.

We are heading to get my Lovely #1’s passport today.  Her 4th grade class is taking a trip this spring to Denmark.  Seriously.  4th grade.  International travel!!  I’m so grateful she has all these opportunities so early in life.  I anticipate her getting bit by the travel bug while she’s away…which means that I will have to start saving even more money so that we can hop on planes and take adventures.

I was scrolling through my old photos and came across some beauties from Hawaii.  It seems like ages ago that we went, but in reality, it’s been only a year and a half.  Then I got to thinking about all the places there are to go…and how few I’ve actually been to.  And how few the kids have been to.  What are we doing?  Why aren’t we saving every single penny so that we can travel the world?  Why aren’t we taking a cross-country road trip every summer??  There are so many great places we can drive to!  I’m tired of these pesky jobs and obligations getting in the way.  It’s time to reorganize priorities and budgets, don’t you think?  Although, we probably don’t have to break the bank if we’re road tripping.

Where would you go if budget and time wasn’t an issue?


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