Sour Patch


This is just what we need in our break room at work…1.9 pounds of sour patch kids.  1.9 pounds!?!?!  I wonder why not fill up that last .1? Just make it an even 2 pounds of soury sugary goodness!

I can’t help but eat them…

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet…then they’re laughing maniacally at all the cavities they just mined inside your precious teeth…and then they’re calling their conspirator dentist friends with code words like ‘operation root canal’ and ‘ insurance dream come true,’ reporting they expect their payment in small bills at the drop point at midnight.


3 thoughts on “Sour Patch

  1. A friend of mine at work was complaining that he wanted to eat junk food and watch the Brewer game, but he should be working out instead. I suggested he do both. It’s doable. Why not? Get a treadmill, an elevated table, posted in front of the TV… boom, done. Its a funny picture to envision (eating junk food, on the treadmill, watching the Brewer game. Have a drink close by too in case you get thirsty)

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