Rockin Rollers!!


My nine year old is a roller girl.  At first I was worried about it…and now, a year in, I am so proud and grateful that it presented itself to us.

I am continuously shocked at her growing talents…and speed!  This girl can fly.  On wheels.  In very close proximity to other fast girls on wheels.

Roller derby?  For kids? 

Uh, yeah.

This is the epitome of building self esteem.  It’s cool, physical, dangerous, and there is a lot more self expression even though they play for the greater good of the team. 

With derby names spreading from Killer Cupcake to Rainbow Smash to Cheetara…with colorful knee high socks and sticker-filled helmets, these young girls are completely themselves….and they look up to women of all colors, shapes, sizes and talents who skate and who have amazing day jobs.

If anyone out there has an intense, smart, creative, funny, young girl…who is not necessarily outgoing but needs to build her self power for the difficult future of the ‘tween’ years…I highly recommend roller skating and roller derby, if available in your city. 

Thinking up derby names and shopping for sweet socks is only the beginning.


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