Sugar on me


So what kind of sugar were they singing about anyway?? You know, pour some sugar on me…Def Leppard??

Were they singing about pouring good old fashioned, white, granulated sugar on each other?? Or clumps of brown sugar? Maybe dusts of powdered sugar even?

Or perhaps they meant something more pourable, like maple syrup. Maybe it’s more of a painfully slow pour like molasses or corn syrup.

But then I start to think about how much sugar and sugar substitutes have changed since the decade of hair bands…

Pour some Equal on me.

Do they even know about agave syrup or Stevia?? Stevia in the raw? ASPARTAME??? Do they know about sugar beets or xylitol????? What about the original sweetener, honey??

Pour some Sweet n Low on me….in the name of love!

Perhaps because they are from England they only know sugar in the form of cubes. Pour some sugar cubes on me!

Pour some pixie stix on me.

Do they even know how terribly addictive sugar is and how awful it is for us to consume, let alone to soak into every single pore? It’s almost as if they suggest we marinate ourselves like honey baked hams!

But doughnuts…I sadly admit that I would probably be ok with someone pouring dozens of glazed doughnuts over me, in the name of love.


3 thoughts on “Sugar on me

  1. aaaahhh donuts. the only thing i cannot just walk by in the grocery store. all knowledge of sugar goes out the window. i’ll take that glazed twist up in the corner there. drool.

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