On love…

Oh love. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all figured out and other times it bitch slaps me across the face. Valentine’s day….it doesn’t really make me love anything or anyone any more. It’s just cute and kitschy, really. But I do love a good heart shaped pizza. And I do love a big piece of ice cream cake…man, that fudge layer and chocolate crunchy things are to die for. I also love being in my geriatric bed at 9 pm watching whatever romantic comedy they decide to play on fx or usa. I love the people that hate Valentine’s day too…like it’s out to get them. It can’t really hurt you unless you give it a knife to stab in your heart…. I love the day after Valentine’s day…because things go back to normal and all the cute Valentine’s day garb at target goes on sale. Hell yeah I want those cute ass plates for 70% off!


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