I have the whole day off today. No errands to run, no appointments to go to, nothing…until I fetch the lovelies from school, I am alone. I love it. I need it.

My plans are vague.  I like it that way.  I am going to bundle myself up and set myself up in a cafe with a hot cup of Joe.  Um…autocorrect wanted that to say hot cop instead of cup. That might be ok too…

I’m going to write today. Something I don’t tell people is my writing process.  Everyone has a process.  Mine is to wrap myself up in a scarf and put up my hood so that just my eyes show.  I take off my glasses.  I cross my legs and try to get as warm as possible.  I don’t hear anything.  I lean into the screen as I type and pay no attention to meaningless mistakes and punctuation. I just go.

Solitude…even amongst a cafe full of people. 

I write for a while that way until I’m sweaty or lose my groove.  Then I undo everything and stretch and take a sip of my hopefully still hot beverage with two hands.  Then as I get back into the groove, I slowly begin wrapping myself back up.  Back into the cocoon.  It’s interesting that the more I cocoon myself the more honest my writing is. 

But I lie sometimes.


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