Good vibrations…good like Sunkist


Picture is crooked. I know.  It’s just too exciting in here!  Marky Mark?

One of the best parts of driving my husband’s car is the Sirius radio. 

A whole 90’s station? With Biggie and Crash Test Dummies and Nirvana and weird techno songs and oldies that aren’t really oldies.  No Pearl Jam yet… 

Ah, sweet nostalgia!  Reminds me of riding the school bus and singing along to all the great songs on the radio. 

‘Gonna feel sweat coming out your pores!’

So I’m feeling a little strange sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store, drinking my latte, writing this blog, and jamming to some nineties tunes.

A little strange, but not strange enough to stop.

‘Yo! It’s about that time, to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme’


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