I just finished painting my bedroom walls.  The color is called Niagara Falls…it’s a pale cool blue. 

The color of the walls before was a warm toned tan…kind of too yellow for my liking, but we lived with it.  The other rooms in the house needed painting far more than the tan. 

I thought I’d be ok not painting the trim because next to the tan, it looked pretty white.  Um…not white.

Not white at all. 

It looks like piss.  It’s disgusting.  It looks like a smoker has been blowing yellow tar tones onto it for 30 years. 

I was excited for my project to be complete…looks like it’s just beginning.  Painting trim is the worst!  Although maybe covering up this hue de bile (bile…as in stomach bile) will be even more gratifying than finishing the blue. 

Even the dog bailed out on me!  I let her lay on the bed and everything.  Nope…she’d rather watch tv in the living room.  Traitor. 


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