Sweet nothings


Well, the letters to Santa are in the mailbox…and by mailbox, I mean, I stole the letters out of the mailbox this morning and hid then in my purse.

They’ll thank me one day.  Right?  For making these moments magical and memorable??  For listening to holiday tunes and hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree??  Maybe as parents, we play the part of Santa more for ourselves than for the kids.  Maybe we still want there to be some magic in the world…something wildly unbelievable to believe in. 

Or maybe I just think too much. 

Maybe there’s a strange growling sound in my left ear.  What is that?  It’s like a strange vibration.  Maybe it’s Santa’s elves whispering sweet nothings in my ear. 

Maybe I’m just to excited to wait until Christmas morning!!!  Maybe I started shopping for the little lovelies yesterday and maybe I found the cutest shit and had a hard time not buying everything!! Maybe my gift (to myself) is being delivered on Tuesday in the form of the most comfortable bed ever! 

Maybe I can’t wait!!!  Don’t you think that having the best sleep ever is better than magical moments?? 



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