Check out this veggie turkey!  Isn’t it hilarious?  I’m so thankful I found it to bring to our open house today.  I volunteered to bring veggies….and giggles.

And thankfully I didn’t have to do all this work. I’ll pay extra for that convenience. 

Look at the pepper gobbler.  Ha! 

I’m tempted to stop for a coffee this morning.  Something delicious and holiday-esque.  Perhaps cinnamon or peppermint?  Perhaps my old fave Americano? 

Will I?  Won’t I?  Should I? Shouldn’t I? 

I don’t know.  I’m torn.  I’ve just been so sleepy lately and I want a good little buzz to get me through this busy day.  But I suppose I know what might happen if I do have coffee…and I’m not sure I want that to happen today. 

Severe #2’s. 

Yep, poop. Diarrhea maybe.  Painful even. 

Maybe I’ll just stick to the veggie turkey platter.  Gobble gobble!


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