Wanna Fanta


Oh man. When’s the last time you had a fizzy orange soda pop?? 

It’s been an enormously long time for me.  And I had a gigantic green juice for breakfast…but something says to me today, ‘don’t you wanna? Wanna Fanta?’

And I said yes. Yes, I wanna!!!  It was so fizzy and delicious.  It stung my teeth and tickled my nose.  I loved it so badly.

The thing is…I know sugar is bad, but it makes me feel great. It does. I love the sugar high.  I’ll take a 5 hour crash for a 30 minute sugar buzz.  I love it.  I love that I giggle and I love that I want to zip around and I love that I have the illusion of energy and I love that I am wittier and sillier.

I can’t help it. 

I realize I sound like a drug addict.  I admit it. I am addicted to sugar.  I don’t think I need to enroll in overeaters anonymous.  I don’t think I over eat.  Maybe there’s some candy crush saga help group that I can join, even though I don’t play that game.  I need to crush the candy!!!

But I love the candy.  Perhaps I bring back the coffee?  I love the caffeine zip of an Americano as well.  Maybe I just need a new zip.  Maybe the green zips aren’t cutting it.  Maybe they make me feel too even steven,  when what I really need is some zippy highs and moderate lows???

Am I convincing myself to become unhealthy?  Yes, yes I am.  Will I listen to myself?? Such struggles.

Don’t you wanna?? Wanna Fanta?? 


2 thoughts on “Wanna Fanta

  1. Sugar!!!! I am so addicted~ don’t fall off your green zip wagon, girl! You are doing so good. Do you want some tea? I can give you some more so you drink that instead of coffee! Xoxo

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