Oh this brain…

Left brained. Right brained. Creative and out of the box…logical and orderly. Why must I be equally brained?

I know sometimes it’s beneficial to use both sides of the brain equally. I suppose there are benefits. Mostly I just argue with myself inside my head. Or I argue with other people in my head from both sides…you know, like play out conversations that haven’t happened but might happen.

What would I say with my right brain? What would I say with my left brain? What side of the brain does the person I am pretending to argue with use mostly? Or I flip out with my creative side and then my rational side tries to smooth everything over….either with real people or in my head, again.

It seems the creative side flips out a lot. Totally irrational. Why is creativity sometimes so erratic and irrational and exciting? So crazy and unexpected??

There’s nothing really exciting about order and logic…except for the Vulcan neck pinch. This is why I argue with myself in my head…sometimes out loud too.

Boring vs. Exciting. Black and white vs. color. Order vs. chaos.

Vs. One of my favorite Pearl Jam albums.


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