I’m not a fan of the hangover. I am a fan of having fun. 

But I dislike the spins and nausea and thirst and hunger and aches and pains of the hangover.  Perhaps it’s because I’m older….but I remember a time where I would pop out of bed, ready for the day after a long night of partying.  There were no hangovers.

Now it seems that if I have 3 beers, my head pounds and I can’t eat anything right away.  What a loser.  Maybe it’s because I’m out of practice??  Maybe.  But I don’t really want to practice something that makes me thirsty when I wake up. 

I’d much rather hide out at home and go to bed early. 

I do like the uninhibited ridiculousness that comes with a couple of friends and a little bit of booze…unlimited giggles.


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