Good morning, big greenie.

This is one of my favorites.  I’ll typically blend up a big one of these smoothies if I have a day that won’t give me enough time to sit down and eat, which seems to be often. 

Liquid-ish breakfast and lunch. 

It’s easy.  I fill up the blender with a whole lot of spinach…sometimes kale.  Then I add in a scoop of ground flax and a scoop of chia seeds.  I add coconut water and a little regular water so it blends up nicely.  After that’s nice and green and runny I add in frozen mango and a scoop of vanilla yogurt (my fave is Wallaby brand yogurt). 

Blend that green bitch up!! 

Sometimes, I’ll add a bit more water if it needs to blend smoother.  And I don’t really measure anything out..if you want it sweeter, add more yogurt or coconut water or mango.  But this greenie is pretty sweet. 

I’m a little disappointed in myself for writing a recipe blog today.  Hopefully something stupid happens today that I can write about for tomorrow.  I realize there’s about a million smoothie recipes out there right now…it’s not like they’re hard to make. 

You put shit in a blender.  That’s it.  Magic. 


2 thoughts on “Greenie

  1. Did you know Mason jars fit on blenders?! I was so excited when I found this out. You can just whip them up and store them right in the jar.

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