Saving of the daylight

Daylight savings time yet again.  After a few days of feeling like I’m running late and early at the same time….we’re adjusting.  I suppose.

Guess who doesn’t adjust as easily?  The dog.

Yes.  When she thinks it is time to eat and pee…the actual time is 5:00 am.  On her clock, it’s 6:00 and we should be up and at ’em…and by 6:30 we typically are.  But this 5 am shit is getting old.

So that’s been great.

Daylight savings…I’m not quite enjoying that extra hour they promised Sunday morning when the time changed.  I’ve got a 100 pound dog making guest appearances in my Eddie Vedder dreams.  She may be black, but she can’t sing Black.   

Still waiting on that extra hour several days later.  Maybe I’ll find it in the spring when we spring ahead. 

I’m fucking tired.  I’m recovering from a sugar binge, if you didn’t fucking notice….and with that comes a whole lot of bitchiness.  So I would appreciate it if we could abolish this stupid saving of the daylight…it does nothing for anyone.  It’s fucking dark and depressing anyway. 

And it will be until May.  The dog is staring me down at this moment.  She’s thinking ‘sing to you at 5.’

I need a pick me up…where’s the last of the dum dum pops??


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