Ghost Mine

It’s Halloween. I’ve never been a fan of scary things….however, I love Halloween. I love dressing up silly and pending to be someone else.  I love the comedy in Halloween. 

I do not love the creepy. I do not like watching scary movies.  My imagination it’s vivid enough to make up creepy shit in the dark.  Growing up out in the dark woods, I ran away from imaginary spooks all the time. 

Sometimes my husband talks me into watching something creepy because he likes to.  Paranormal stuff usually spooks me really good.  Ghosts and shit.  Sometimes I feel like you can just feel them there….looking at you. 

There was a day I was being an ultra lazy mom and started watching this Ghost Mine marathon on Syfy.  Not typical of me. 

I got sucked in.  There’s something about it.  Story is:  there’s a group of miners trying to get gold and all these paranormal things keep happening to them.  There’s 2 paranormal investigators along for the ride and they always come across something.  Some shadow, some growl, evidence, or piece of historic information. 

It’s become so much more interesting than scary.  They’re on season 2 now…the mining session is coming to a close soon and they have to get out as much gold before the snow.  Historically, there’s tired to the Free Masons, Chinese miners, and local characters from the town. 

So interesting! 

It’s the only show that I need to watch on a regular basis. 


2 thoughts on “Ghost Mine

  1. i agree. there is a difference between suspenseful movies or just evil ghostly ones. friday the 13th vs. the exorcist. turning heads and crosses just scares the bejesus out of me!

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